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Saturday, June 11, 2011


I am not surprised, and i had this idea that i would not be surprised, at coming across people defending the inhuman action of the 5 rangers in Karachi on 8th of this month. Its a natural tendency in people to see things in order and when they are not, he is ready to see it at whatever price,though most of the time not paid in indivdual capacity. So what has happened is that for some people, the cold-blooded slaughtering of that young man was a necessary price to pay in order to discourage others from taking part in criminal activities. But the question is, on what basis can one judge the victim has a criminal? Moreover, even the criminals have the right to defend themselves.
Also the question is, what exactly shapes this mentality of the people believing in street justice? In my opinion, people have lost faith whatsoever in the justice system. They know justice won't be delivered so whatever comes as a discouragement to criminals, take it! But, this is not the end of the story, and it can't be. whose actions they are defending as the rightly done street justice deliverance, and thats of the State. Of the very State who has perpetuated this state of inequality, poverty and intolerance which motivates people to indulge in criminal acts. How much really do we spend on education ( less than a year per capita on defence, 6 times less than per day expenditure on President, Prime Minister and same for Senate/ National Assembly)? On energy, infrastructure, industry? How much do we really spend on PEOPLE?
The irony is, haves-not believe their self-interest is in to get whatever they need forefully or un-forcefully, no matter how they get it take it, Those who have believe their self-interest is in to stay in their houses with their money and amenities and let the montrosity do the cleansing job on the streets. But what should be realised , the former and the latter should understand that there is no such contradiction in the real interests.The former needs financial, social and economic security and this can only be realised once the State treats it citizens equally and provides a uniform playing ground for everyone where everyone could get what one strives for. The latter needs security of life, security against what could do damage to his/her belongings, and that can only be attained once the have-nots are given their legitimate share. One is not born criminal. This tendency in human beings to act violently is only stimulated when one is insecured. The very motivation to act violenty has to be exterminated. And this is the real interest of haves and haves-not. How could an institutions which is responsible for giving birth to the motivation to do crime could provide justice against crime? State has failed to provide us justice, it was doomed to. How could it whose existance is based on commiting violence against its own people? We can't keep financing our own slaughtering.
Fear shall do no good to us, for the death shall overtake us sooner or later. But as long as we are alive, lets make it a dignified life.

Friday, June 10, 2011


“Come on, Stupid! It was not a murder! It was just a negligence! I mean, yes, the guy was unarmed, was dragged by pulling his hair towards us by this fellow from our sister organization, ( trust me,they ain’t that good as we are, when it comes to killing, they just celebrate while the two brothers are being thrashed to death, lots of gore, but not as much as we can ensure), fear pulled the heart of the bloody guy to his throat, o yes! He was pleading for mercy, was about to get into the mobile, but, pardon! We have been on killing spree for quite some years now. I mean, the negligence is we should have thrashed that camera too. Why let our financiers, 180 million idiots, be disturbed with such visions, they know we kill, and they know we are very good at it”

The day went fine, I mean, there was laughter, jokes being cracked, everybody up-to he or she usually is, just now and then, the sound waves carrying the tragedy of the young fellow cold-bloodedly slaughtered in Benazir park struck the ears, but that’s it! It just strikes the ear. Why does not it strike the heart? I don’t know, perhaps, it can’t strike something which ain’t there at the first place.

Speaks volume, really, speaks volume! We have accepted it. We have accepted this state of being held hostage to these savages.

I happened to talk to this random guy. While speaking out what he thought about what had happened yesterday, he just ended it with this sentence, “ People are busy?”, but busy doing what? What really are we running after? A guy gets murdered, it’s there on television, aired time and time again, we know who have done it, but we are busy doing what? His mother shows up on television, that inexplicable pain and hatred for the bastards , yet it ain’t potent enough to shake us even a little inch? I really don’t intend to dwell further into it, but really, we know this is the way it is, this is the natural way things are supposed to be, because we have not seen them in any other way.

And the statements by the government esp. by prime and interior minister, somehow trying to make sense of this murder, showering Namak on Zakham, with their pathetic and arrogant bold-faces, by claiming the guy might have had been involved in criminal act. This is what you call solidarity stupid! Could not learn from your scriptures, could not learn from your sufis and sages, learn from the evil of the evils, learn from the butchers, may you learn it from darkness. Learn how when you are stripped naked with your mischeives, how to protect or be protected by your fellows.

Mahmood Mamdani writes in his book Good muslims Bad Muslims, about two kinds of violence, one that makes sense ( perpetrated by state) and one which does not ( non-state actors). The State has operated at such a level that perhaps we will never be able to deconstruct the myths and ideologies. Why do we get terribly enraged at the news of violence, perpetrated by the militants we mostly never get to see, given to us by the State? I do not mean to say that militants ain’t there! but that’s an attack on us? But what about this incident? Why isn’t an attack on us? Why this action isn’t as evil as those of militants? PM not going to declare so, no one in the government is going to say, because they themselves are oithe part of the system just like these butchers! It’s we who have to stop making this distinction. An act of violence no matter committed by whosoever is an act of violence! There shall be no distinction in delivering justice! But here again comes an irony, the ones responsible for delivering justice are themselves part of the system! No one really wants to be amputated even when he/she knows the cancer in the very part of the body needs to be amputated would contaminate the whole body. At least this is what I know from my experience of last 24 years as a human being.
I have no hope for justice against the crime perpetrated by the State. There is no point in having one. Will they deliver justice the way they have been doing in tribal areas ( in their language of how to deliver justice) in the cases where part of the state or establishment is itself involved. They can’t. They will never. But if whats going on in tribal area is what you call delivering justice, then roll your tanks over these five bastards and then I will say justice has been done.
So, no more distinction, or the monster this state has become will swallow us all and we will keep justifying or making sense of its act in this blindness, the myths and fabricated sanctification has caused.