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Saturday, January 17, 2015

(History # 1) Are Ghaznavis or Ghouris my true heros?

According to what i learnt from Pakistan textbooks, Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi and Shahab ud Din Ghuri, Muslim conquerors, are both supposed to be my heroes because they came to India and smashed the Hindus. But here is a bit problem. How could both be my heroes when Ghaznavi Family and Ghouri family were bloodsuckers of each other. Ghaznavi family operated from Ghazni and Ghouri from the place called Ghour, situated somewhere between Ghazni and Herat in Afghanistan. These two families fought some of the bloodiest battles and in one case, one Ghouri named Ala ud Din Hussain burnt whole of Ghazni down and earned the title of Jahan Suz (World Burner). What Pakistan's textbook conveniently ignores are those episodes of bloody warfare between these two families that took place in Afghanistan. History is twisted, created, distorted and presented in a way where every conqueror who came over to India, just because of the fact that he is Muslim, he must be my hero! And this must stand true even when two successive conqueror, their families were enemies of each other. History presented in this way is not meant to produce that critical frame of mind which which facilities distinguishing between the good and the bad from past! It is meant, in case of Pakistan's textbook, a militant and chauvinistic mentality which takes prides in smashing non Muslim and imposing their hegemony. Problem does not start and ends at radical seminaries. Problem starts from the schools. 

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