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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Surprise!

I do not find it surprising when I think about the current state of our society, which, as a matter of fact, has been consistently moving on terrain underlined by crisis and miseries, that the most of the channels which are being aired from within Pakistan are news channels. This fact lends considerable credibility to the notion that we “the masses” are best at making “news” as far as our collective social endeavors are concerned. I must add here, when I speak of “news”, it takes its definition from the portrayal by the media of all the happenings in our country, which unfortunately happens to be overwhelmingly tragic and unfortunate.Right from the top where those who “matters” are stationed to an alienated layman, although there is a lot of justification for his exoneration since the circumstances within which he plays his part are beyond his control, we are just making “news”. Be it corruption, deception, plunder, murders, street-crimes, capital punishments etc, its like everyone who happens to dwell within the boundaries of this country, has been injected with doses of restlessness, impatience, intolerance and in worst cases violence, which are getting frequent.

But again, there is nothing to be surprised about. When among those who “matters” are the ones who bravely defends the murder of innocent women as a part of tradition, are the ones who audaciously defend corruption, are the ones who reinforces in the minds of masses the idea of personality-worshiping and slavery by preserving and promoting families-dictatorships within the “political” parties in the name of democracy, are the ones who after arrested from the brothel house and literally dragged handcuffed are awarded with state-ministry and so on and on, then its in fact surprising to see one surprised at our current state of society. I must say, that this “surprise” is in fact the most” supreme” of hypocrisy among the ones we have in our credit. Pity the ones, who are not ready to acknowledge the fact they belong to a society which has degraded to abysmal state of deterioration. Talk of Somalia? How different were the streets of Sialkot tainted with the blood of two brother, brutally mutilated before a crowd who if were not participating physically in executing the murder were either boasting the killers or filming. And the Police! The exact definition of “ to police” in Merriam Webster is

“the internal organization or regulation of a political unit through exercise of governmental powers especially with respect to general comfort, health, morals, safety, or prosperity”

Do I need to say anything more? With all heinous activities, they are the ones who are entitled to be “martyred” when killed in a “terrorist” attack.

Absolutely no surprise. At least that’s what my rational reflections make me believe. It’s a complete subversion of social and political order and we must accept it. The forces which makes up our political order produces and reinforces this “subversive” state of political affairs. Our “society” if there is any left, is in its current state, apart from the factors beyond the scope of my present writing, because of deliberate political maneuvering and reinforcement of the current subversive state. Pity the ones, who are not ready to accept it.

The prime minister says things have not gone as bad in Pakistan as there in Tunis or Egypt. Again, the statement is not surprising. He can so say because, first of all, he has to, secondly because he knows his statement will fall upon ears who actually believe that things have not gone as bad in Pakistan as in middle east. Thirdly, because its perhaps our habit to take refuge from reality in someone else’s misery falsely assuring ourselves that things have not yet gone “THAT” bad.

I firmly believe that a moral and ethical order can not be constructed in a society which is being deliberately kept economically insecure. So the social chaos can be primarily blamed at the ones of who matters. But there can be no justification whatsoever for not recognizing the depth of the crisis and state of degradation we are in and worst than then fantasizing the golden days to come. If one is not willing to look at mirror how ugly one’s face is, then relying on other’s observation is surely going to keep one in an illusion of looking fine. And that’s we have been doing all along. Its in fact I would say naturalization of crisis. The crisis has become way of life. And this mentality is reinforced by our collective “un-recognition” of our tragic state of affairs. Not analyzing what historical and political forces and events have brought us to our current state, our apathy to our own miseries, have perhaps ingrained this idea in our sub-conscious as if it was always supposed to be like this. The observation stands true for serfdom. What else the so the called Urban class is anyway, a whole mass of people, controlled, legitimizing the rule of draconian “those who matters” with their existence. Until and unless, we recognize the mess we are in, I think, there is no hope to undo the subversive social and political order.

We are not heading towards any golden age! Our silence ain't going to bring any golden age for Islam! We ain't going to control the UN!
We are not free! We are in the worst social state! We are surviving because " the imperial center" wants us to survive, though in a certain shape. We are not sovereign. Perhaps we are not even " we" yet, in real sense of the term.

We should wake up and the first vision of that awakening is realization. Realization of our crisis. We should come out of fantasy world. We should!


  1. This is by far the best piece of writing i have ever read in my life.... balanced in every aspect and most importantly, the most truthful one..... Hats off Luqman!!!! you have reached to that position of respect in my mind and heart that no one ever had.... Keep it up boy!!! God Bless U!!!!

  2. This isn't just a piece of writing. These are your feelings about this factitious society we live in. The "realization" you mentioned in your writing is the MOST important step towards freedom but unfortunately, people are either too careless or just are engulfed by hardships of life. We must REALIZE and WAKE up from this dream!The Egyptian people have given me hope that maybe same thing can happen with Pakistan. Maybe, one day all of us will UNITE and stand up for our rights. I dunno how far we are from that day, but I do know that, I will definitely be the one standing with my brothers and sisters and fighting for FREEDOM.

  3. i believe that the problem with Pakistan lies just in the mind set of people here specially of the rural side. we cannot bring any change or head towards the "golden age" until or unless we educate the forgotten but most vital limb of our country, the rural uneducated people, who are either suppressed by the ruling jagirdars or have been trained so from the very beginning to blindly believe whatever their "peer sahib" says because he is suppose to be the most pious and veracious one. this system is so much deeply rooted in our society that we cannot eradicate it just by protesting against it or politically claiming to dismantle it, it is the virus of mind and can only be cured through cleansing the diseased minds with education and awareness. i firmly believe that the solution to our predicament does not lie in some political revolution rather in generalizing the education in masses. we must realize that we are not dealing with some physical evil which can be destroyed through force rather with the evil of mind which has spread like a cancer in our body and can only be destroyed by employing the right chemotherapy i-e destroying the very root of it, and for that the only effective tool in my view is education.
    secondly i believe, we have to stop waiting and fantasizing about "the great savior" who would magically fall out of the blue one day and rescue us from all our sufferings and with a swish of a wand will bring perfect order to our degenerated society. we have to stand up for ourselves, we have to fight our own fight, no extraterrestrial will come to our rescue, we must rescue ourselves. we have to stop whining for everything that happens to us and get up and look for the elixir we direly need for our many ailments.