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Friday, January 21, 2011

Flowers , beautiful creation of God

A beautiful article by my little brother

Flowers , beautiful creations of God. They blossom well if they get pure water and nutrition but their petals will shed off if we don't feed them properly. Verily children, petals of flower, everyone with its own color, will blossom if they get good teaching and they will be ruined if they get bad to learn.
It is said that a child learns 90% about the world in first 5 to 7 years and everything he learns make up his personality. Aggressiveness, timidness, shyness , confidence, everything in
his personality is the expression of learning programmed in his mind in his early life.
In Pakistan people very much neglect the proper education of children. Lack and confidence , good conduct or character , lack of motivation in life , lack of sense of competition among people
are all the result of our basic learning. Education in our primary schools , our media, our surroundings , are playing their role in a way or the other in deteriorating the mind of our children.
In our primary schools we don't have such class atmosphere which encourages the sound and proper personality making of children, we don't have such mind exercises which can produce creative minds.Its very sad that the useless content has taken the
place of our great heroes in the books of primary classes.
Our media also subjects impressionable minds young people to ridiculous and unproductive information and learning.The sub standard stuff showed on the television has really played a major role in deteriorating our children's mind.
Even the cartoons made today teach aggression to the children.Everything a child watches on tv really affect his mind. He starts to find his hero in the movie actors and actresses and in his future life he tries to become like them. And he finds it odd to follow the real heroes because he hasn't listened of them on tv during his early life.
Family system plays the most important role in the building the thinking , nature and personality of the child. It is often seen that a child always predict the environment of his home through his actions and conduct. In this aspect the role of mother is most important. that is why Islam has also ordered the mother to bring his son up with the best of teachings.
We often ignore the small inappropriate acts of a child by saying that he is just a child and he knows nothing, although he knows nothing but whatever he is doing and being appreciated for is becoming part of his personality. In fact on such acts he should be checked. His good acts should be appreciated in front of everyone and his bad acts should be addressed to him alone but politely.
The basic learning of children is very much important for the progress of a country and in great nations it is taken as an important issue. Many nations have taken steps to build personality of their children from very beginning.This issue needs to addressed in our country at national level because the children of today are the youth of tomorrow and as it is said Destiny of nation lies in the hands of its youth.
Remember the character of a person is not always his fault, because whatever a person does in a particular situation is what he was taught to do in his early life.
Stop blaming people, start from the very beginning, because if you improve your start then you can expect to have a better ending.

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  1. i,ve read it each and every word.!! ur begining is also appreciatable farhan bhai, surely u can beat ur brother,,amazing!